About this project

We have helped young professionals from both the US and Europe increase their chances of landing an interview and eventually, a job in the field they aspire. It requires commitment from both sides and should be seen as a major project. To give you an impression, people we helped, now work as a consultant for a major international consultancy firm, as a PhD student contributing to a large European Study, and a personal policy assistant to a Minister.

1. Personal Focus

First, we do some digging. We'll help you clarify and focus on who you are, what you have done and what you aspire. We'll recommend a personal repositioning and rebranding approach - to be taken step by step

2. The Basics

The basics consists of getting your CV/ resume and cover letter in order: visually appealing and to-the-point. Depending on your situation - this could also apply to your social media such as a LinkedIn profile.

3. Beyond the Basics

Taking it further - active participation in real life meetings and online discussions. This could also include making business cards and creating a personal website.

4. Interview Preparation

The final step - How best to prepare for an interview, what questions to expect based on your resume and what to ask.

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