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The two most used, but useless slides in presentations

Practically any presentation that I witness, ends with a ‘Thank you!’ or ‘Questions?’ slide. The slide above is one of those examples that even combines both of them. It seems a universal misconception that this is a good ending of your presentation. But… is this really the last visual message that you want to share? Consider this: Most […]

Stap over op 16:9 dia’s

Ik kreeg laatst de vraag welk formaat beter is bij het maken van een presentatie: de standaard- versie (4:3) of de breedbeeld (16:9) versie. Ik hoef daar niet lang over na te denken. Het is zonder meer tijd  om over te stappen op de 16:9 variant. Waarom?  De 4:3 versie stamt uit het analoge tijdperk […]

PowerPoint lessons from Varoufakis

On May 17, 2015 – former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis gave a keynote presentation in Brussels for a business club. Afterwards, he posted the video and the PowerPoint slides that he used as two separate files on his personal website. This was obviously well meant as good Public Relations. However, it backfired on him. […]